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2020 - 2021

Expansion of global test network →→→ Cars are becoming increasingly connected, automated, and electrified, and so electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and radiofrequency (RF) testing for cars has become a growth market worth two billion euros. With the acquisition of Movon Test Laboratory, a South Korean organization with an excellent reputation among leading automotive brands, DEKRA has further expanded its expertise and market position in this field.

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Movon Test Laboratory


“Twenty years ago, automotive EMC in Korea was in its infancy,” comments Danny Kim, Senior Director DEKRA Korea. “We entered the automotive EMC field and received AEMCLRP certification in 2005.” The Automotive EMC Laboratory Recognition Program (AEMCLRP) is a special approval procedure for EMC laboratories, developed by Ford, General Motors, and Daimler Chrysler. Introduced in 2003, it established a quality standard for EMC testing of vehicle components and subsystems. In order for a laboratory to be recognized, evidence of the laboratory's expertise based on EN ISO / IEC 17025 must be provided.


Given the importance of testing to the safety of the mobility of the future, DEKRA has invested heavily in building and continuously upgrading Europe’s largest independent test area for automated and connected mobility at the Lausitzring racetrack in Klettwitz, Germany. DEKRA’s Connectivity Test Center in Málaga, Spain, with its strong testing capability and research and development experience in wireless communications, is another important part of the international testing network. In addition, DEKRA has been looking forward and is enhancing its testing capabilities for future mobility in Asia. With the acquisition of Movon Test Laboratory in September 2020, DEKRA has successfully extended its automotive testing network to Korea.

“The acquisition of Movon Test Laboratory is an important strategic step in further expanding DEKRA’s global automotive testing network,” says Stan Zurkiewicz, previously in charge of DEKRA’s business in East and South Asia and currently a member of the board of DEKRA SE. “We expect strong growth in the coming years in the Asian market and in EMC and RF testing.”

As a global partner for a safe world, DEKRA wants to play its part in making sure that the dynamic development of automated and connected vehicles takes place in a safe way for everyone involved.


»The acquisition of Movon Test Laboratory is an important strategic step in further expanding DEKRA’s global automotive testing network.«
Stan Zurkiewicz
[DEKRA board member]

As Movon Test Laboratory has many years of experience in EMC and RF testing for automotive electronics, it is a strategic player in this field, holding a strong market position in South Korea and an excellent global reputation among leading automotive OEMs such as Volkswagen, GM, Ford, FCA, Jaguar Land Rover, Mazda, and Hyundai.

The full-service EMC laboratories have been accredited by numerous regulatory agencies, governments, and associations, making Movon Test Laboratory a recognized accreditation body in all major markets. In addition to EMC and RF testing, international type approvals for mobile & wireless equipment for more than 190 countries and certifications for electrical products (“KC” – Korean Certification) are also part of the company’s service portfolio.


»We are committed to setting robust, science-based targets to improve automotive testing by discovering and deploying cutting edge innovations to help make the mobility world safer and more secure.«
Danny Kim
[Senior Director, DEKRA Korea]

Why EMC and RF testing?

For all electric and electronic components, devices, systems, and even entire vehicles and their components, the regulations stipulate that all products must provide a certain degree of electromagnetic compatibility in order to ensure proper operation in their intended environment and user safety. This prevents malfunctions, unsafe operation, and accidents caused by electromagnetic effects on the on-board electronics.

DEKRA in Korea

Before acquiring Movon Test Laboratory located in Yongin, DEKRA was already involved in product safety testing in Korea at its location in Seoul, in particular in the area of explosion safety protection testing and certification of products used in hazardous locations. 

Global network

DEKRA’s global EMC and RF laboratory network comprises primary locations in Germany (Stuttgart), in the Netherlands (Arnhem), Spain (Málaga), Mainland China (ten laboratories in all major industrial centers such as Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Suzhou, Linkou, and Hsinchu), and the US (Sterling, Virginia).

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