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2020 - 2021

BEIRUT EXPLOSION →→→ On August 4, 2020, a large amount of ammonium nitrate exploded in the port of Beirut (Lebanon), causing at least 200 deaths and billions of dollars of damage to property assets. DEKRA assisted with the loss adjustment process with insurance companies.

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The loss of life in catastrophes like the Beirut explosion can never be compensated. However, what can and must be done for the survivors is making sure that insurance claims are handled professionally. That is why DEKRA sent its loss adjusters to Beirut as soon as the situation allowed. Jeff Probyn was one of them. His task was to gain an overview of the situation and establish contacts with local insurance companies and brokers. “We wanted to send a clear signal to the insurance industry that we are here to help,” says Alistair Jacobs, Managing Director, DEKRA Loss Adjusters & Surveyors.

Following the tragic event and explosion which destroyed Beirut, DEKRA was one of the first loss adjusters on site, working to assist the local adjusters and insurance companies with its professionalism and technical expertise.

Since DEKRA was not very familiar with the (re)insurance market in the region before the Beirut explosion, it was important to show our face early and raise our profile. As local adjusting companies reached out, DEKRA soon became involved in processing dozens of damage claims amounting to over 40 million US dollars. Having claims experts on site as soon as possible is crucial because it helps local people and businesses to obtain urgently needed compensation.

In Beirut, the level of destruction was almost unimaginable. Some people compared it to the impact of an atomic bomb. Practically all buildings had been damaged. There was rubble and broken glass everywhere, covered with a thick layer of dust. Jeff Probyn says: “It was like one of those Hollywood disaster films – just real.”

The DEKRA team was able to help in many cases – even if it was sometimes a risky task. In one case, a private apartment on the 28th story of a building had to be inspected, which was a dangerous undertaking as the entire glass front of the apartment facing the port had been blown away. Due to the extent of the damage, the experts from DEKRA Loss Adjusters & Surveyors were kept busy closing claims until the end of 2020. “We have definitely made a name for ourselves,” says Jeff Probyn.



»With its industrial focus and worldwide claims management services that already total over 500 million euros in sales, DEKRA is well equipped to serve the insurance industry with its range of specialist loss adjusting services. Catastrophe loss adjusting is definitely part of that.«
Wim Ter Voert
[Executive Vice President Service Division Claims & Expertise, DEKRA SE]

Expansion drive

Although Beirut was a unique incident, DEKRA is familiar with supporting the insurance industry in claims management in times of catastrophes such as earthquakes and tropical storms. In the Caribbean, DEKRA has been involved in handling hurricane damage claims for about ten years.

As the international insurance markets recognized its expertise, DEKRA embarked on an expansion drive in 2020, establishing its global head office for the loss adjustment business in London. DEKRA opened an additional office in Miami to position itself in the Caribbean hurricane market, and more local set-ups are planned for Mexico, India, and Hong Kong.

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»Following the tragic event and explosion which destroyed Beirut, DEKRA was one of the first loss adjusters on site, working to assist the local adjusters and insurance companies with its professionalism and technical expertise.«
Robert Habchi
[Senior Claims and Legal Manager –
Reinsurance Broking Pole, NASCO RE]

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