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2020 - 2021

Online Monitoring →→→ The Internet of Things (IoT) has become a household name. But what about the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)? Well, when applied with DEKRA’s expertise, it supports industrial inspection services to ensure safe operation of industrial assets.




Let’s take cranes as an example. No matter what industry and no matter whether it’s a single crane or an entire fleet, owners and operators benefit from detailed information on the condition of their assets, as this is crucial for safe operation and the success of the business.

DEKRA can help here. With a deep understanding of industrial processes and assets, DEKRA has applied its knowledge and experience in a new kind of service: “We are now digitalizing our expertise in the safety of these industrial assets and making it available even when our inspectors are not present on site for a periodical inspection,” says Maarten Robers, Innovator with DEKRA Industrial Inspection. In fact, DEKRA has developed an online monitoring solution which helps to optimize the service life and availability of cranes, while at the same time supporting safe day-to-day operation.

“Our online monitoring solution can be installed on existing cranes to capture the current operation information,” says Maarten Robers. Sensors measure the position and lifted load of the crane. The data is used to calculate the remaining service life of the crane based on the crane’s design and relevant standards. The highly detailed input data for the calculation enables a lower safety factor to be applied than with conventional estimates. This can significantly extend the remaining service life of the crane.

The resulting information is presented on DEKRA’s online monitoring dashboard, which provides a complete overview of one or many cranes from any manufacturer or construction year. This information can be integrated with the customer’s existing workflows, software, and databases.

“The online monitoring solution also detects safety issues such as overloading the crane,” comments Maarten Robers. They are indicated immediately in the dashboard and can be sent by e-mail, can set off a flashing light, or can trigger a notification on the phone of the relevant manager.

Apart from cranes, DEKRA is creating IIoT services for online monitoring in other business lines within Industrial Inspection. The IIoT applications are being developed in cooperation with existing customers. Several pilot projects have been carried out to understand the customer’s needs and the practical circumstances in detail. Taking air quality as an example, a company located next to a chemical plant that was due to be partly demolished asked DEKRA for help in monitoring the emissions produced by the destruction of the facilities. “The company wanted to make sure that the health of its employees would not suffer from what was going on next door,” explains Maarten Robers. When the IIoT device detects a reduction in the air quality, several factors such as wind direction are evaluated, which may in turn trigger a more detailed conventional inspection. “The flexibility, broad field of view, and interpretation skills of a human inspector remain unequaled.”


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Broad spectrum:
DEKRA offers online monitoring in key industrial inspection applications

  • Wall thickness
  • Corrosion under insulation
  • Pressure vessel fatigue
  • Masts/poles
  • Cranes
  • Lift Explorer
  • Escalator Explorer
  • Air quality


»We are now digitalizing our expertise and making it available even when our inspectors are not present on site for a periodical inspection.«
Maarten Robers
[Innovator with DEKRA Service Division Industrial Inspection, the Netherlands.]

DEKRA's various IIoT devices and services will be connected and based on the DEKRA IoT platform, which is growing over time to become a complete ecosystem. The different solutions are based on the same modular setup, but naturally they use different sensors and algorithms to ensure they are tailored to the circumstances in each case. Standardization of the IoT platform helps to efficiently manage devices and rapidly introduce more use cases, all while allowing for the crucial confidentiality and cyber security considerations.

The top 3 advantages of online monitoring

  • Assets can be operated more safely and over a longer life span.
  • More detailed assessments can be performed to ensure safe operation and a safe asset condition.
  • Hazards and incidents when operating the assets can be recognized in real time.

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