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2020 - 2021

ONLINE LEARNING →→→ Whether it’s for private interests, professional qualifications, or mandatory learning within companies, the trend toward online learning has continued gathering speed as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. DEKRA will not be left behind – we are among those driving the changes.




“We were already making more and more courses available as online learning before the coronavirus pandemic started,” says Colin Steadman, Head of Strategic Development in the Training Service Division. “But since the first lockdown in 2020, we have upped the speed.” Whether it’s for use by private individuals, businesses, or financed by the public sector, online learning will be part of the future – a future that DEKRA is helping to shape through the variety of offers and services that it provides for customers. For example, these include safety-related training and training in industrial/technical skills.

Online Occupational Safety

With the DEKRA Safety Web, DEKRA offers an online training portal for occupational safety, health, and compliance. It has been growing continually since it was created in 2015. In 2020, the year of the coronavirus, for example, use increased by 75%. A total of 140,000 employees from approximately 1,000 companies from sectors including automotive, transport and logistics, and services have now registered. These include small and medium-sized enterprises, but also larger corporations such as Beiersdorf, ARI Fleet, and Air Plus.

“Up-to-date content and a wide variety of subjects are the trademarks of our approximately 40 online training courses,” says Wolfgang Reichelt, Managing Director of DEKRA Medien GmbH. “We responded to the coronavirus crisis by creating a lot of new courses.” Examples of these include hygiene rules for businesses in the logistics and retail sectors, and courses on the safe transportation of COVID tests.

The DEKRA Safety Web provides twin benefits: Firstly, it makes the employees more aware of safety issues. Secondly, it gives companies a way of fulfilling their training obligations and documenting the process. The DEKRA Safety Web was developed in-house by DEKRA and its success is evident. This is due not only to the quality of its content, but also to the intuitive navigation and modern design, which make the site very user-friendly.

“We make it easier to get started with online training by making it easy to import user data, and by providing video tutorials,” says Wolfgang Reichelt. After six years of the DEKRA Safety Web, he sums up as follows: “When created using professional media technology, occupational safety can be digital, too – ensuring compliance with legal requirements and high quality standards.” His team at DEKRA Media will therefore keep expanding its offer and will expand into more sectors in 2021 and beyond. All of this means that DEKRA Safety Web’s success story is set to continue.

DEKRA Safety Web –
Instructing has never been so easy!

DEKRA Safety Web makes it easy to instruct online – on the subject of “occupational health and safety” and for compliance requirements!

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»When created using professional media technology, occupational safety can be digital, too – ensuring compliance with legal requirements and high quality standards.«
Wolfgang Reichelt
[Managing Director, DEKRA Medien GmbH]

Hello HiVo!

DEKRA is at the beginning of a new success story in the emerging e-mobility market. “HiVo, the digital High-Voltage Vehicles Training program, is our global response to the increased use of electric and hybrid vehicles around the world,” says Dr. Lisa Marie Ley, Head of Technical Service Management in the Training Service Division. “We are already in discussions with major customers who operate in more than a dozen countries.” The new offer is coming at just the right time, as work with and on high-voltage vehicles, such as in sales, towing services and workshops, requires specialist knowledge to avoid risks and accidents. However, increasing workloads are allowing less time for training. Time spent on training in seminars means production downtime and additional outlay in both time and money, e.g. for travel.

Therefore, the High-Voltage Vehicles Training program was developed according to the principle “digital first.” As part of a web app, HiVo the robot guides learners through the e-Learning program in a first step. All content that can be learned through online self-study is completed as “remote learning.” Only the training items that require participants and trainers to be present in person take place on site in a second step (e.g. practicing the disconnection process on an electric car).

The participants learn using “learning nuggets”, which are short units (3-20 minutes) on a specific/concrete subject. This approach enables “micro-learning” which can be optimally integrated into working processes and avoids the need for downtimes lasting the whole day – allowing for the perfect balance between training and profitability. To build on the e-Learning, this is followed by practical in-person training depending on the profile of the target group. Both of these form the basis of the third step, continuous learning in the workplace, which takes place using the web app again.

In terms of content, the High-Voltage Vehicles Training program covers all aspects of e-mobility – from correct vehicle operation, to repair and maintenance, to towing and rescue. Subject areas such as electrical engineering and health and safety when working with high-voltage vehicles are also included. In addition, the program covers both electric vehicles and hybrid and hydrogen vehicles. This mostly takes place in interactive practice sessions using freely movable 3D models.

The digital High-Voltage Vehicles Training program from DEKRA is our global response to the increased use of electric and hybrid vehicles around the world.

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The High-Voltage Vehicles Training program is aimed at car dealers, their dealership networks and workshops, as well as insurance companies, some of which have their own networks of towing services. “Based on the requirements and target group, we put the modules and nuggets together individually for our customers and target groups – ensuring that they are also aligned both to local demands and to the legal or regulatory guidelines of our markets all over the world,” says Dr. Lisa Marie Ley.

Customers particularly appreciate the training program’s modern approach, with its interactive elements, variety of methods and learning formats, and its global applicability. It was for this reason that an insurance company with a worldwide network of towing services decided to sign up to the high-voltage training program. The high-voltage training helps them to set a uniform standard while making local adjustments, and shape the work on high-voltage vehicles (which are selling in increasing numbers) to ensure that it is carried out safely – precisely because until now, only a few countries have even defined the qualification requirements necessary to work safely in this area.

HiVo at a Glance

  • High-level digital training via a web app
  • “Learning nuggets” based on 3D applications, videos, and interactive learning sequences
  • Additional in-person training with practical tasks
  • Can be flexibly adjusted to the needs of the customer or participants
  • Participants determine their own learning as far as the sequence, time, and speed are concerned
  • Digital learning continues in the workplace for a year after the initial training course


»The digital High-Voltage Vehicles Training program from DEKRA is our global response to the increased use of electric and hybrid vehicles around the world.«
Dr. Lisa Marie Ley
[Head of Technical Service Management, Training Service Division.]

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